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Owner Lauren Lobert, DPT, OMPT, CSCS discusses low back pain and gives exercise suggestions to help you on your way to recovery.


You don't have to suffer with low back pain

APEX Physical Therapy Can Help

Low back pain is a very common problem. 

But: there is good news! You can prevent most low back pain and, if you have already had issues with your low back, you can reduce the risk of another episode. 

The answer is physical therapy! Physical therapists are trained to: identify the cause of the back pain, provide treatment to reduce pain, restore normal function, and prevent future bouts of costly pain.

An appointment with your physical therapist at the first sign of low back pain can help prevent the pain from becoming worse and missing out on the activities you love. Your therapist will evaluate you and identify the cause of the pain. They will provide treatment for reducing pain, improving strength and preventing further episodes of back pain through instruction in proper posture and body mechanics during everyday tasks.

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