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Pre-Season Concussion Baseline Testing

What is baseline testing?
Baseline testing is a comprehensive pre-season examination measuring an athlete's balance and brain function, including thinking, memory, concentration, and information-processing abilities.

Baseline testing generally takes place during the pre-season—ideally prior to the first practice. It is important to note that some baseline and concussion assessment tools are only suggested for use among athletes ages 10 years and older. Baseline testing is conducted by Lauren Lobert, PT, DPT; Lauren is certified in concussion management.  

Why is it important?
Results from baseline tests can be used and compared to a similar exam conducted by a health care professional during the season if an athlete has a suspected concussion. If an athlete has a suspected concussion during the season, this can help their healthcare team identify the effects and severity of the injury and make more informed return-to-school and return-to-play decisions. 

What is the cost of baseline testing?

Baseline concussion tests are $25 and are not covered by insurance.

How do I schedule a baseline test?

Call (810) 534-7004 to schedule.